Weight Lifting, You Should Start Now

Resistance training or lifting weights is more commonly thought to be done for the purpose of gaining strength, size or bulk and improving athletic performance. However one of the main benefits of gaining muscle is that the human body consumes fat as a result. For each pound of muscle you have, you will consume 35-50 calories every day to maintain the lean muscle mass. This is the reason you may see that the individuals who exercise with weights on a regular basis appear to eat more, their bodies are continually consuming calories and they have to replenish those calories that are important to take care of cells (growth and repair). Building muscles by resistance training or lifting weights will help you to burn more calories while you are at rest.

Resistance training is an excellent workout regime for all ages and levels fitness. The added benefits of increasing your energy level, muscle tone and definition should be a great incentive to begin lifting weights. For a long time especially for guys gaining muscle mass was the primary reason to lift weights. As a result young ladies have for quite a while been opposed to exercising with weights because of a paranoid fear of increasing muscle mass and bulking up. Dread no more women, by building muscle tone you are disposing of fat and consuming more of those annoying calories.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Not with standing those benefits is the jolt of energy that resistance training provides. If you begin your day with an early workout you may notice an initial energy boost. However on the off chance that you find that you are drowsy close to the center of the day, have a go at lifting at that point. You may find that resistance training can provide you with the energy required to endure the rest of your day. Others find that lifting weights and resistance training late in the day helps them to unwind and sets them up for a relaxing evening and a good nights sleep.

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